Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD (Model A007) Part I

Tamron SP 24-70 f/2.8 Di VC USD


I’m putting this down as Part I because I’m hoping to get my hands on a unit when they make it to Canada, hopefully next month.  I’m surprised that I’m so excited about this one.  I have the 17-50mm VC and although I mentioned I wish I had a 24-70, I didn’t think it was a big deal.  The 70-200mm Tamron with VC is scheduled to be released later this year, hopefully before summer, but I don’t have any specifics other than it should be this year.  I thought that would be of more excitement to me, but this has really peaked my interest.

The designation is SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD (Model A007), according to the Tamron website and was introduced on February 6th.  It will be available in Canon, Nikon and Sony mounts, with the Sony model having the VC removed.

Possibly I’m being to optimistic that we’ll see one in March, but I really want to try this out.  My only complaint, without using the lens, is that it has a 82mm filter thread.  This means I need to get another circular polarizing filter.  😉

The specifications from the Tamron site are as follows:

    • Focal length – 24-70mm
    • Maximum aperture – f/2.8
    • Minimum aperture – f/22
    • Lens construction – 17 elements in 12 groups
    • Minimum focus distance – 0.38m (15.0 in)
    • Maximum magnification ratio – 1:5 (at f=70mm: MFD 0.38m)
    • Filter size – 82mm
    • Length – 108.5mm(4.3 in)
    • Entire length – 116.9mm(4.6 in)
    • Diameter – 88.2mm(3.5 in)
    • Weight – 825g (29.1 oz)
    • Number of diaphragm blades – 9(rounded diaphragm)
    • Standard accessories – Flower-shaped lens hood

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I have loved photography since I was a child. I always had a camera with me, although it was usually an old Kodak 110 Instamatic. When I was older, I used to take (with permission) my fathers Konica SLR with a 50mm Sigma lens. I was always disappointed that I had to wait for the film to be developed to see what it looked like. I have about two large containers full of pictures in my bedroom closet even now, mostly mine from that time. I don't know exactly how old I was, but I was able to take a picture of a sunset over Lake Superior with a heavy cloud cover above and the water below, the sun just broke through. My parents took it and blew it up to a very large image and I had it hanging on my wall for years. As a lot of teenagers are now, I was impatient and didn't stay with my love of photography, however when digital became more popular, and because I double exposed an important roll of film, I purchased my first digital camera, about 2004. I loved it so much that it went everywhere with me. Now I want to turn that passion for photography to something that can bring joyful moments to other people. From elegant weddings, to family portraits, from infants and pregnancy photos to corporate head shots, from pets to product photography. I travel to you, either to your home or a location you specify. If needed I can help in location scouting as well.
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