iPad 3 event date and thoughts

iPad 3 from Apple invite


So Apple has revealed an iPad 3 event date on March 7th.  At that time, we’ll find out what information has been myth and what is facts.  Personally, most of the information I’ve been reading sounds very reasonable and at this point in time, I think it will be mostly accurate.

Right now I’m still running the first generation iPad because I couldn’t justify upgrading to the iPad 2.  It’s an amazing gadget, but it wasn’t different enough, for me, to spend the money to get it.  I generally check email, run games, browse the internet, and most importantly, show my pictures on the iPad.  Presently, although I love it, I have trouble showing some clients the pictures on the first gen iPad.  It looks good, but prints still look better.  I’ve written documents, spreadsheets and invoices on my iPad.  There isn’t much you can not do with it, from my personal experience.

Before I go too much further, here are the rumors I believe to be true for the iPad 3.

First off, a retina display.  That will be an amazing improvement in my opinion.  There has been a lot of talk about this one.  With internal connectors compared to the first and second gen iPad.  There have been ‘supposed’ leaks of resolution and other information that points to this being true.  I think it would be a waste if they didn’t upgrade the display, and don’t see how this can not be true.

The display is what I’m most excited about btw.

Second, quad core processor.  I believe this rumor, as there are Android gadgets out there already with quad core processors.  For me, I’m not really excited, although this will be a nice improvement.  I know that any type of picture manipulation, even if it’s just for myself, is nice to have.  Also, for games.  😉

I’ll be honest, I’m going to leave it here.  The camera’s will be nice, if I get one, but I don’t have them now, so it’s not a deal breaker for me if they’re not that impressive.  If they equal the 4Gs, then great.  If they’re better, great.  No big change in my court.

I’m an Apple fan.  Yes Android gadgets are better on paper, most of the time.  But here’s the thing.  I don’t care about over clocking the processor to see how fast I can get the graphics to refresh or resolve (I’m not even sure of the term here).  It’s just not me.  I just want a gadget that I can pick up and use, knowing it will be relatively reliable and easy to use.  I know that most Android gadgets are reliable off the shelf, it’s when you start to play with them that you may run into issues.  It works with my calendar across all my gadgets.  If I put something into my phone, it shows up on my iPad, and my computer calendar.  Also, it shows up on my wife’s phone, iPad and computer.  That’s the way we like things.  If she adds a contact to the address book, I have it in mine.  I know for some people that’s not a draw, but if you already even have an iPhone, then it’s worth looking at.

For anyone who builds their own computers, or likes to tweak things here and there to see what it can do, the I don’t think Apple is the right choice.  If you want to pick up a gadget and not worry that you have the fastest, processor speed or the best graphics or things like that, then the iPad is right for you.  Again, most of the graphics on the iPad are great, not knocking what I have, just putting it out there for anyone who cares to know.

Will it replace a laptop?  For me, yes.  It can do anything I want to do on a laptop.  I use a Mac Mini with a Dell U2410 display for anything major, as far as my photography goes, but on the road, I can do anything with the iPad that I needed from my laptop, and it’s smaller and lighter, so it’s easier to bring with me.

Also, to explain why it replaces my laptop, I have a Zagg bluetooth keyboard for it.  This keyboard also doubles as a case.  They also made one for the iPad 2, branded as Logitech.

So there’s the end of my thoughts and feelings.  Some facts are littered in there, but a lot of this is just my opinion on a gadget I like.


About covesphotography

I have loved photography since I was a child. I always had a camera with me, although it was usually an old Kodak 110 Instamatic. When I was older, I used to take (with permission) my fathers Konica SLR with a 50mm Sigma lens. I was always disappointed that I had to wait for the film to be developed to see what it looked like. I have about two large containers full of pictures in my bedroom closet even now, mostly mine from that time. I don't know exactly how old I was, but I was able to take a picture of a sunset over Lake Superior with a heavy cloud cover above and the water below, the sun just broke through. My parents took it and blew it up to a very large image and I had it hanging on my wall for years. As a lot of teenagers are now, I was impatient and didn't stay with my love of photography, however when digital became more popular, and because I double exposed an important roll of film, I purchased my first digital camera, about 2004. I loved it so much that it went everywhere with me. Now I want to turn that passion for photography to something that can bring joyful moments to other people. From elegant weddings, to family portraits, from infants and pregnancy photos to corporate head shots, from pets to product photography. I travel to you, either to your home or a location you specify. If needed I can help in location scouting as well.
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  1. Edit: Apple has not named this as an iPad 3 event, just an event to announce a product. Some bloggers have already stated that there may also be an Apple TV unit (not a whole TV, just a box similar to what is available now.) It’s expected that the iPad 3 will be announced with pricing and actual release dates.

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