The new iPad and Apple TV

So, unless you have been extremely busy or don’t care, you know the third generation iPad, simply named ‘the new iPad’, was released today.  As usual there are a lot of people that are excited and there are a lot that are trolls and in between there are the rest of us.

The specs are not as amazing as some had hoped.  The Retina display from the rumors was true, as was the 4G LTE option.

The one thing that has received a lot of negative comments from what I call the trolls out there is the processor.  It’s a revamped A5 custom processor, named the A5x.  It has a dual core, but here is where it gets tricky.  They stated that the graphics uses a quad core processor.  Some people just heard quad core and posted, others are claiming that the comment was meant to mislead.  Either way, it doesn’t affect me.  I applaud Apple for giving it a dual core for the actual processing and a quad core for the graphics.  This keeps the battery life up longer than if it had a quad core processor.  The battery life on this thing has been stated as 10 hours on the WiFi only version and 9 hours on the 4G LTE version.

Pricing has not changed from the iPad 2, with the former receiving a $100 price drop.  The 16GB WiFi only version starts at $519 and the same iPad 2 version starting at $419.

iPadMy conclusions are this.  This is not a new product.  They have upgraded what was already available.  I’m sure that I’ll hear from some people (Braden) that the Android X version is faster and the next gen of that is being released in March as well with quad core and so on.  But here is what I’m getting out of this.  The resolution is 3.1 million pixels.  To put that into perspective, that’s four times as much as the iPad 2.  Still not convinced, that is one million more pixels than a full 1080P HD television.

The camera is a new design, while being only 5MP, I believe they claim it is better than the iPhone 4S.

Now taking a picture on a roughly 12 to 13″ tablet really doesn’t do it for me.  I think it looks odd, but I won’t say I’m not interested to try it out.  I’ll give a full review when I get one.

Apple did not invent the tablet computer, they re-invented it and made it simple enough for everyone to use, light and fast enough that people would want to use it.  Then everyone else were tripping over themselves, some failing badly, to try to copy it.

Apple did not invent the cell phone, but they re-invented it to make it the most popular phone on the market for a while.  I won’t say still, as I haven’t checked recently.  I don’t really care to be honest.

Apple did not invent a portable music player, they re-invented it to make it revolutionary.

Excuse me if I don’t freak out because it doesn’t make coffee and can function as a holodeck.  I liked what it was, and they made it better.  I can play games on it, I can show my photography, I can take pictures, I can write email, surf the net, write documents and while I most likely won’t do any serious editing, I can do that too if I feel like editing a photo and with my Toktume App, called ‘Line2’ I can use it as a phone using my headset.  Why is this a failure?

End of rant for the iPad.

Quick note, if anyone knows what an Apple TV is, Apple has updated it from 720p to a full 1080p as well.  It will be out the same time as the iPad, one week from Friday.

This is not a screen, just a box that hooks up to a TV that you can rent movies, buy movies, stream music, play movies and share pictures on the new(er) iCloud, all at 1080P.    I have the 720P version and use it all the time, even though I have a Playstation 3 that does most of this.  The Apple TV is just easier to use and you can transfer things wirelessly to it from your iPad, iPhone or iPod.  It’s the same price as the old unit at $99.00.


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